澳門板樟堂巷 2-A 亭前地力騰商業中心5樓

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Located in the heart of Macau, Yoga Loft sits on top of an elegant colonial building overlooking the Senado Square. High above the crowds, a deep sense of peace and clear energy is felt when we are in this space.
The studio’s teachers are one of a kind. In a perfect balance between technical mastery and spiritual insight, they never sacrifice quality for quantity. Classes are small and structured in a way that doesn’t leave people feeling abandoned. If someone in the room is doing something incorrect, the teachers will make sure they are well taken care of. A strong “Kula” - community spirit - is present at Yoga Loft, where people share good laughs and beautiful moments together.
Yoga Loft is also an holistic center for many guest workshops, and has hosted events on Sound Healing, Voice Exploration, Movement Awareness, Pilates, Feldenkrais, Ayurveda, Kung Fu & Self-Defense, Astrology, HeartMath®, Family Constelations, Sacred Feminine, the Louise Hay Method, Ecstatic Dance and Self Empowerment Course.


walk down San Ma Lou and cross into Senado Square
walk towards the yellow church ↗️turn right towards Swatch shop
enter pedestrian street “Travessa S. Domingos”
1st door on your right

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