老師付費刊登 (3個月) / Teacher Profile Paid Listing (3 Month)




此項服務為老師個人檔案的刊登,付費後由建檔日開始計算可刊登90日。到期後如果停止付費則會恢復成為Free Profile之格式。

關於Paid Profile和Free Profile的規格差異請參考線上表單之連結或向Hello Yogis查詢

This is for paid teacher profile creation on Hello Yogis Website. The listing will be effective for 90 days from the date of profile creation. If no further payment is made to renew the listing at expiry, the profile will be downgraded to free profile.

Please refer to the link in the submission form for difference between paid and free listing. You can also reach out to the team for more information